What are fermented foods and why should we eat them?

Simply this, fermented foods are foods that have been through a process of lactofermentation in which natural bacteria convert sugars into other compounds such as alcohol to produce energy to fuel their metabolism. Bacteria and yeasts which undergo lactic acid fermentation and ethanol fermentation are used in the fermentation of foods.

Introducing fermented or cultured foods into your diet can provide you with a wide range of important nutriets, such as Vitamin K2 which can prevent heart disease. With an estimated 80% of your immune system located in your gut, probiotics aid in the development and operation of the immune system in your digestive tract, and aid in the production of antibodies. The good bacteria in fermented foods serve as potent detoxifiers aiding in the removal of toxins and heavy metals from your body. Including a variety of fermented and cultured foods in your diet will provide you the much needed beneficial bacteria, more than you could ever get from a supplement.

In the following quote, Dr. Natasha McBride states that “Once you heal and seal your gut lining, and once you make your digestive system healthy and working properly again, you’ll be surprised how many various symptoms in your body originated from your digestive system. Most [symptoms] start disappearing, because the health and the disease are usually born inside your digestive system. That’s where they originate from.”

You can find a host of resources in your local organic markets, superfood stores and classes from local experts online. Check it out, your gut will thank you!



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